Teen Program

Teen Program

*** As of September 4, 2018 the state requires ALL students to obtain a Temporary Instruction Permit (TIP), from the Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV). Students need the TIP card to take the class exam, and participate in the behind the wheel portion of the course.

Be sure to bring the following items to the OMV to receive your TIP card:

Proof of identification

Proof of residency

Verification of your Social Security Number

Acceptable verification includes your Social Security card, W2 form, or a print out from the Social Security Administration verifying the number. If you do not have a Social Security Number, a letter from the Social Security Administration must be presented. The number may also be given verbally.

You must also present one additional form of identification such as a photo work ID, high school diploma, insurance card, etc.

Additional Requirements for Applicants Seventeen and Under

The signature of the custodial parent or legal guardian is required for the issuance of any license (including first time applications, duplicates and changing restrictions).

Documentation must be presented to prove custody or legal guardianship.

Identification must be presented by the minor and the parent or guardian.

Only the domiciliary parent may sign if joint custody has been awarded.


Please note: $200 fee required for registration. (72 hr. in advance cancellation is eligible for a $100 refund)

Louisiana Law requires that anyone 15-17 years of age who desires a drivers license to take a "38 Hour Course", which includes 30 hours of class and 8 hours of behind the wheel training. Our instructors teach that operating a motor vehicle involves potential life-altering decisions each second that they are behind the wheel. We believe that this is the most important course that can influence a young person's future, as well as the biggest responsibility they will have undertaken to date. The safety of your child is paramount to us at Franklinton Driving Academy.

Defensive Driving Skills

Proper use of Safety Belts

Emergency Evasive Maneuvers

Drug and Alcohol Awareness

Basic Rules and Regulations

FREE Parent Class

(30) hours of Classroom Study

FREE Online Practice Test


Just wanted to give a "shout out" to the Franklinton Driving Academy! I took the driving course at age 18 with very little driving experience, pretty much scared of the open road. The staff at FDA was so patient with me and taught me so much in such a short period of time. Not only were they patient with me but they worked around my schedule so I didn't have to miss work. I am now a very confident driver and I owe it all to Franklinton Driving Academy. I would definitely recommend them to anyone. Thanks again!

Amber Freeman

I can not say enough about how incredible FDA is....from their staff, to their ability to work around the schedules of active teenagers...FDA is the best around. My daughter took drivers education from them last summer and loved the staff and education she received from FDA. The staff (Johnathan and Phil) made learning FUN...even on early summer mornings. During the week course, my daughter learned so much about road safety and what to do in situations that only life can teach you. Thank you FDA for an awesome, fun, exciting, experience learning to drive!! -

Christian Henn

Franklinton Driving Academy prepared Katherine for her driving test and made it lots of fun. I feel that she was well prepared for her written test and seems to have learned so much in her one week of class time. They made learning fun by using technology and kept the students engaged . She also got lots of good driving experience in a variety of environments. She feels comfortable driving on the interstate and in areas with more traffic. I feel confident that Katherine is prepared to get her drivers license in May and I am so glad that we sent her to Franklinton Driving Academy!

Jennifer HaikMother to Katherine Haik, Miss Teen USA

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